Tuesday, July 29, 2008

French Style monochromatic sampler

Hello everyone,

It's not very nice of me to start blogging, and then go away for a long weekend! I was in North Carolina over the weekend; I couldn't believe how beautiful it is there! I'm going to do everything in my power to go back there for another visit. (Shopping was good too!)

Our example today is a piece I stitched for the EGA Master Craftsman program. The requirements were to stitch a piece in an authentic ethnic style, with certain requirements for size, stitch count, and design elements. (I sent it in and got a provisional pass. The back is too messy, but I'm not going to show you that.)

Since I have a French last name (no fault of my own, it came with DH), I decided to design a French sampler, and commemorate our 30th anniversary as well. I got most of the elements from the same book, that I cannot remember the name of right now. I will post the name tomorrow. I measured, counted, sketched, and moved items around in order to get things to fit. I really like the border, and I love the cartouche the date is stitched in. The initials are in such a pretty alphabet too!

French Style Sampler cropped

As I recall, the heart came from somewhere else.

I have enjoyed collecting French cross stitch alphabets since I got on-line, and I was very happy to use a couple of those elements in this sampler. (I like fonts too!)

I would love to decorate our bedroom in French country style and have this in a prominent spot. I think it would be a very pretty room. Red toile wall-paper, red carpet, and French country furniture. I'll just keep on dreaming.

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