Thursday, July 24, 2008

American Sampler

I stitched this sampler in 1994 from a pattern by Orton in the short-lived Treasures in Needlework magazine.

American Sampler

It is in the style of some of the school-girl samplers taking elements from many of them.

This piece was wonderful to stitch. There is regular cross stitch, and cross stitch over one. There is rice stitch, satin stitch, queen stitch (a Lot of queen stitch!), and a touch of bargello. One of my favorite parts is the background stitch. The dark green behind the flowers and the light green yard are alternating half stitch. You cannot see the stitches, but it gives an over-all color. The white area behind the lettering is running stitch, again, letting the ground fabric show through.

The fabric is natural linen, and the stitching was done with silk floss. This was my first experience with silk. In my opinion it doesn't make a lot of difference in looking at the finished piece, but it is wonderful to work with.


Barb said...

Simply beautiful

Babs said...

This is amazing. I am working on family history for my father and we recently found a drawing of the home of the family that came to Boston in the 1600's and this picture is a close match to it. I will have to talk to you at our next guild meeting to see if this pattern is still available. Great job.....