Friday, February 17, 2012

Shopping (fun) Day

DH and my dad went to play golf this morning, so my mom and I took off shopping. Our first stop was Needler's Nest:


This store has supplies for Needlepoint and Cross stitch. A class in the back was teaching Hardanger. And they have the complete line of Edmar fibers, the rayon threads that are used for Brazilian Embroidery.

I found a medium sized Brazilian embroidery project, and picked up the threads to finish it. Most of the threads are only about $1.00 each, but the pattern called for a lot of them. I hope to get a picture of the project later.

Our next stop was the bead store:


It is not a huge store, but it is sure packed. I was sorry I did not need anything from there.

Our next stop was Dragonfly Yarns. This was a very nice shop.


The people were extremely helpful and they had a good suggestion for a Southwest themed project: I bought a skein of overdyed lace-weight yarn and a very nice scarf pattern that echos the mountains that surround Phoenix. Mom was asking if I was going to start it right away, but so far I have held off. (It has been a whole 6 hours since I got it!)

After that shopping orgy, we stopped for coffee and books at the bookstore, picked up groceries for supper on the way home, and then spent the afternoon on the patio, enjoying the warm breezes.

Wish you were here!

I finished my TAST stitching for last week, and started on the detached chain stitch for this week, but haven't gotten any pictures yet. It is turning out pretty cool!

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Laura B said...

I had to have myself banned from all embroidery, yarn and bead stores, lol. (Not really but probably should!!) Sounds like a fun day!