Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scottsdale, Arizona

Today we went to Scottsdale, Arizona, and spent some time exploring that area. First we tried to go to Taliesin West, the western center for Frank Lloyd Wright, but we were not interested enough to pay the rather exhorbitant entrance fees. We were quite disappointed that you could not even look around the outside of the compound, or see anything without taking the tour. Without going on the tour, there was very little to see:


most of the buildings are mostly under-ground. After that disappointment we went to the Fine Art Expo. Some very large tents are set up, and artists have space to display their artwork and even studio space to work on paintings or other work.


My favorite display was by Susan Hartenhoff, a bead artist. She had some beautiful things, and was very happy to chat with me about her work. Her web-site is
She had some cachobon work, some spiral work, but mostly it was bead embroidery.



She had some beaded satin stitch here with another line added "in the ditch" trying to mimic the fly stitch. The beads were so fine! These pieces were amazing... I didn't even ask the price!


DH insisted we stop at Knit Happens, the yarn store in Scottsdale. (He's a keeper.) It was a very nice store, but I did not find what I was looking for. C likes southwest style, and I wanted to find something to knit for him. I was sure if there were anything in the southwest style, I would find it in Arizona, but so far no luck. Mom and I are going to another yarn shop tomorrow, so maybe I can find something there.

IMG_1286 (See, nice store.)

For supper we went out to a very nice restaurant to celebrate my mom's and my birthdays (a little belated for hers, a little in advance of mine). We had steak and chocolate cake, and wonderful company.


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