Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wrap update

How am I doing on the wrap?

Monday: 20 rows
Tuesday: 22 rows
Wednesday: 19 rows
Thursday: 21 rows

38 rows to go!

I spent the day on Wednesday at DD2's house, after bringing DH to the airport at the crack of dawn, and picking him up again in the evening. His day went well, and mine went great. DD2 and I ran a couple of errands, looked for a knitting shop (that turned out to be out of business), went to the container store, and spent a couple of hours at the Barnes and Noble bookstore. I also filled up on grandkid hugs and kisses: I was running woefully short.

When we arrived home and turned into our alley at home, we spotted an animal. We were a little shocked to see it was a fox! It was a very pretty animal, and looked very healthy. I didn't get a chance to take a picture because I was driving, and since it was so dark outside I don't know if a picture would have turned out. There are forest preserves in the area, but not right next door so I am thinking it is living around here? We had an opossum in the yard when the girls were little... However, I have noticed that the baby bunny population in the neighborhood is way down.

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Laura B said...

Oh I so hate when I run out of GK hugs and kisses. They are what makes life so wonderful!!