Monday, January 23, 2012

My Beading Heart

In January we had such a pretty project for the Homewood Guild. It is just red and white, but I think DMC 321 is my favorite red. There are three different kinds of beads, plus a couple of treasures. I really like how this is turning out.

I worked on this so long the other day that my hand got sore. I don't work on canvas very often, and I have been knitting more than stitching, so I think my hand is out of shape. I worked on it today for quite a while, and my hand is fine, but I was doing the beads. All the beads are stitched down, and then held tightly with another stitch lassoing the bead down.


I got quite a bit done today... I am getting toward the end of knitting the wrap for my daughter's Christmas present (about time, right?). I figured out that if I knit 20 rows every day I will be done with the knitting in less than a week! I had 16 rows knit by 10:30 this morning, so it is very doable. I did finish my assignment tonight, and I had time to knit several more rows, however, even though I brought 5 colors, I did not bring the one I needed. I was all upset that I would be wasting time, but I decided to start weaving in the ends, so the time was not wasted at all! I am glad to see too, that the weaving will not take 3 days, as I was fearing.

The edging may take 3 days, however. I will let you know.

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