Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Reflections

I did not go Trick or Treating when I was a child. We "celebrated" Reformation day, which always seemed kind of a jip, because there usually was no candy involved. Other than that, I really didn't mind too much. Now, it seems that even grown-ups play Halloween. We went to what was for us kind of an upscale restaurant, and all the staff was dressed up in costumes. We didn't pay too much attention until our waiter came to take our order:


(I asked permission to take a picture, and he struck a pose, but my camera was too slow, and I missed it!) There were others that I didn't get pictures of: Roy Orbison (complete with a large acoustic guitar), a ballerina, a pirate, a red-neck (the costume was so good, we were glad he was not our waiter), a 1800s "gentleman," and a cup of jo. It was entertaining.

Our food was good. DH had the steak and shrimp:


I had the paella:


I ordered it because the paella we had down town this summer was not the dish I was familiar with... neither was this. This was closer, but the sausage was so spicy I could not eat very much. I did pack most of this and bring it home. I will eat the seafood; that was delicious.

I do know a couple more people who like to dress up for Halloween:


P is Darth Vader... check out the eyes! C is a "Spanish Princess" (also known as a flamenco dancer). She is very proud that she has high heels, and is planning on continuing to wear them after the holiday.

I better go get busy. DH wants me to make a pad for his CPAP machine. I promised DD2 that I would make two baby blankets by the weekend. And I owe C a home-made bathrobe for her birthday (which was two weeks ago) (bad grandma!). So what I have I been doing this morning? Knitting!

Talk to you later!

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