Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hello, DH has been on vacation this week, so I have been spending my time with him. (He's good company!) Last Tuesday he came along while I went antiquing! I need scads (technical term) of 5/8 inch shank buttons, with a vintage feel, and I thought it would be possible to find them at antique stores... I was right! Not all of them are shank buttons, but I think they will still work.


We are going for gothic, steampunk, and homespun... but not all at the same time.

(I wonder how those darning cottons got in the picture?)

When I got home I looked in my button jars, and found 40 there as well.

My lacy shawl is coming along. I find I have memorized the pattern! That makes it much easier to keep track of. This morning I knit for 2 hours, and got 12 rows done, so my speed is improving as well.

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