Monday, August 15, 2011

My grandkids are growing like weeds!

One of my favorite t-shirts has the above saying on it, and it is so true! P recently had his 9th (!) birthday, and he is really turning into a young man. I am not sure if it was a birthday present, but he just got a puppy, a "blonde" golden retriever. Here they are together in the back yard. Danny was so busy that it was hard to get a good picture, if you check my flickr page you can see how many tries it took to get this one, and it is not the greatest.


P got a gift certificate to the Lego store from us for his birthday, and I think it was a great hit.


The store has a station where kids can create their own characters from available parts:


P created (from left to right) himself, C, and daddy. He also got several Ninjago characters, and was excited to find out that they were going to come out with superhero Lego guys in January and May of next year. I have a feeling we will be making another stop at the store around those dates!

I am really looking forward to today; my folks are in town, and we are having our annual Chicago outing day. We are planning on spending the day at the Museum of Science and Industry, and then going out for supper with everyone. I love museums! (and I love my family)! It doesn't get any better.

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