Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy week

This is going to be a busy week, so of course, I will probably get a lot done, since I won't have all day, every day, to do things. I already got a good start this morning, with my knitting, 8 rows, and reading all my blogs and e-mail. I got a project done for HEG programs, started another, and am working on the write-up (with fellow members of the programs committee), and I am planning on getting to my autumn pouch so I can start another one. In one morning, it feels like I have accomplished more than all week last week!

My week this week includes going to see "The Help" with a friend, getting a double knit individual class from a friend, and going to Stitches Chicago with a friend, besides the regular "seamstress/secretary for the band" for Praise Band on Monday night, Knitting group on Thursday, and Pantry on Friday.

I will try to get pictures!

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LW Warfel said...

Love your life! Enjoy!