Friday, August 12, 2011

Reading and Camp Quality

I am done with Drums of Autumn! It was so good I stayed up until 1:30 AM reading one morning, and then I couldn't fall asleep because the story was so exciting. I was going to leave the next book for a little later, but I could not resist, and started Fiery Cross.

This morning I helped out at our guild's workshop at Camp Quality, a camp for kids with cancer. The theme for the camp this year was cruising, so we prepared felt signal flags, and the kids could pick the letters they wanted to stitch. You can see an example here. The kids came and went as the mood struck, or as their schedules allowed. The pool was open, and they were doing some tree climbing with the help of ropes, so there was a lot to do. The Arts and Crafts room was amazing! Kids could come in there and do what they wanted, kits to make boats (cruising!) for the race later in the day, all the plastic cord you could use to make braided lanyards, and all kinds of games. Each camper has his or her own companion, in many cases a former camper, so there are many ages involved. Several current companions who were former campers came up to us and mentioned projects from years ago they had made, and enjoyed. It was a wonderful day.

After camp we went to lunch, and to a yarn shop I had never been to. I got supplies to make Christmas presents... so still no pictures!

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