Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Temari Stitch-Along (SAL)

I am participating in a SAL on the Talk Temari group, and it is turning out great! Thank you so much for leading this J! This is what it looked like after completing step 2... very pretty, but I couldn't wait to see what would finish it. I had an idea...


and I was close, but not exactly right. The small center flowers/stars are so pretty, and just the right touch to add interest.


My 42 center marking is not as precise as I would have liked. Most of the hexagons are squashed in one dimension. On this marking, according to Debi, you can have your hexagons and pentagons similar sizes, and the hexagons will be squashed, or you can have regular hexagons and pentagons, but the pentagons will be smaller. Even thought the hexagons are squashed on this ball, I really like how it is turning out.

I am also starting to accumulate parts for my felted tote bag. These are the handles and 3 roses (that look a little like tea cups). I am not quite sure if these get assembled and then felted, or if you felt, then assemble. There is a ways to go yet on this one.


I don't think I can get a picture of the body yet. I can only think of one word to describe it so far, and it is in Spanish: flojo. It means limp and floppy, but I think it is very descriptive. I am so excited to see how this one turns out!

I am stopping today to pick up the yarn for my lacy shawl! I am excited and nervous about starting that project... I will be depending on life-lines so if I make a mistake in the lace pattern I will have a place to go back to where I know I was right (without having to take out everything). I will show pictures, when I get that far.

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