Monday, July 26, 2010

The Things you can accomplish on a Day Off

I had a day off from work on Friday, and was able to accomplish a lot of things. I prepared mari for the next class I am teaching, plus several more for me. There are 10 made with 1 cup of rice bran, 2 smaller ones, and 3 larger ones. It took about 1 1/2 skeins of yarn.


And I started my toothbrush rag rug. Look how far I got over the weekend!


When I was pulling out the material strips to work on this they made quite a big bundle. C commented "Grandma, I don't think you will be able to get done with that before you die." I told her that was fine, that if I did die before I was done, she should finish it. That worried her a little, because "I don't know how to do it." But I taught her, and now she knows how to put the needle in, and take it out (the 2 steps to the stitches). I did tell her that her thumb was too little to make the stitches the right size (gauge) but that it would be big enough by the time it was her turn. She stopped by my chair several times this weekend to take a couple of stitches. The toothbrush needle is just the right size for her dexterity level.

I realized that my last post, about the "It's My Birthday" temari was on the second anniversary of my first blog post, so I decided to celebrate by giving it away. If you would like it, please comment on this post, and on Friday I will pick a winner.

I was very hesitant to start a blog, because I never thought I would have enough interesting material to talk about. But I used Blog2print to look at my blog so far, and it was very interesting. In fact, it was so interesting I bought the .pdf file and I hope to print it out and bind it for myself. Of course, it is all my favorite things, and all about me. How could it not be interesting? LOL If you are interested, here's a coupon to get 15% off your own printout: B2PCC719.


MOM said...

I have, or used to have, a crochet hook that was about a size 45. Is the tooth brush about that. In this same genre, I have a friend who makes bags and purses out of plastic bags. She uses one made from Home Depot tan ones that is very attractive. I don't know what size needle she uses though. Oh, what has the size of your thumb got to do with it?

Karol said...

Wow you had a productive day! Love the rug. Would like to be entered in your drawing.

Temari Addict Australia said...

Hi Jane,
Your rug is coming along beautifully. Aren't kids funny? Your temari ball is lovely from the last post. Congrats on your blogversary.


Rebecca said...

You got a lot done on your day off!!! Just wondering what kind of yarn you use to wrap you temari balls?