Thursday, July 29, 2010

Toothbrush Rug revisited

Because of overwhelming demand (okay, okay, my mom asked!) I decided to show how I'm making the toothbrush rug.

This is why it is called a toothbrush rug. These needles were originally made from toothbrushes, but now they are made specifically for this purpose. It fits nicely in the hand and the hole is big enough so it is not too hard to thread.


This picture is not too good, because you cannot see where the needle goes. I was having trouble taking a picture with my right hand while holding everything with my left hand. But this is the first stitch. It is the first half of a half-hitch stitch.


Here you see how you use your thumb to regulate the size of your stitches. When you pull the strip of fabric tight around your thumb, the loops should all be of a similar size. I've been pulling so vigorously that my thumb is sore.


This shows the second half of the half-hitch stitch. C can do this one with no problem, because you just have to follow the thumb.


I do remember being excited about crocheting with strips of fabric some time in the past... until I priced how much the material I would need to make a set of mats for my dining room chairs would cost. Now, however, I think I will have material left over for at least a couple of mats. I've been looking around, and I think I need a huge crochet hook. Oh man! That means a run to JoAnn's!


Olly said...

Hi Jane, Love your rug so far. Would love to see a picture when its complete :)

I've never heard them called Toothbrush rugs before - I think that's really sweet. We call them Rag Rugs here in the UK.

Temari Addict Australia said...

Oh no!! A trip to any craft supply store is a very dangerous activity!

Your rug is looking great.
Rebecca from Perth