Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finished Temari!

First in a month! But there are two more I want to get to now, so I think my stitching energy is back. I do have to come up with more overall energy, though, we've been way too busy.

Here it is. I compared it to the original one from Nana Akua and noticed a couple of differences, one on purpose, and one not. The difference I don't like is that my Kiku stitches do not start nearly as close to the center of the shapes as the original. I found it hard to get as close as I did, but to get the centers even closer is amazing. It adds a degree of elegance mine does not have.


The change I made on purpose was the stitching over the centers of the metallic thread. On the picture I was working from the centers were bright primary colors: blue and red. I decided I would rather use pink. It neatens up my centers considerably (not that they needed it, or anything, you will notice there were no pictures of the centers that were not obscured by my numbered tags). The color blends in, and adds a nice little touch of sparkle. DH calls this one my confetti temari, I like the name, it's a party!

I'm ready to start 2 more temari, so I think the stitching energy is back.


Temari Addict Australia said...

Gorgeous!! I hope mine turns of even half as nicely as yours did.
Rebecca from Perth

Anonymous said...

I think it's beautiful

Judy S. said...

It's beautiful, Jane. How do you display your collection?

Laura B said...

Love it!

Valéria_J said...

Very nice!!!!!