Monday, June 14, 2010


This is a picture of the newest temari I am working on. I am not quite done with the first step of 3. There needs to be a layer of pink linking up with the small pink pentagons. I'm not sure I will be able match the picture exactly, but I wanted to thank Rebecca for getting me this far. She was able to read the Japanese colors and the order they were stitched in for the this layer. According to the picture, the next layer is all blue, and the final layer is black.


As I was beginning to stitch this (the only stitching was the gold marking threads and the little pink pentagons) P came up and asked what it was going to look like. I showed him the picture in the book, and he studied for a minute, then he said, "That will work. The background is black, like in the picture, but you will have to sew on it a lot, more than that one (pointing to one of my snowflake temari in the bowl by my chair)." I was impressed and pleased for a couple of reasons. First, he pays attention! Second, he could make the leap from an unfinished temari to imagine the completed one. I'm going to ask if he wants to stitch on one himself. I'll let you know what he says.

We've named the kittens. I know, that is a dangerous step. Tom; Alli/Alley (we are not sure if (s)he is a boy or a girl yet; and Kit. The fourth one has a name at home, but I am not going to share it, as I feel it will hurt her chances to get adopted. I will try to get individual pictures to share. All four love to cuddle, and are learning to walk, jump, and run. They should be weaned within 2 weeks.

Judy, I have bowls of temari displayed in my living room, I have a couple of apothecary jars with temari in them, and I am looking for the hanging vegetable/fruit baskets that used to be popular to hang in the archway between my living room and dining room. There seem to be temari everywhere!

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Temari Addict Australia said...

WOW! Looking good Jane!
Rebecca from Perth