Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kittens & Temari

Look who came to live at our house! We estimate they are about 4 weeks old. They are being fostered (DD is doing the heavy lifting) until they are big enough to be on their own. I promise we won't keep more than 2 of them(!) Do you see the little one down on the right with her mouth open? I can't believe how loud 4 little kittens are.


We are making slow progress on the SAL temari. This is what the surface looked like at the end of the 6th round. The shapes the white thread makes are very interesting, and there was plenty of room for it.


I'm having a little more of a challenge with the 7th and final round. I'm very pleased to be able to get the pins out, and I'm hoping I can roll this one on a hard surface and get some of the threads to hunker down a little more. It still won't be done after this round, though, I want to tack all the centers. Right now I'm planning on using a pink metallic for that... but that is still subject to change.


It won't look exactly like the object ball, but I think it will be striking.


Lelia said...

blessings to you & DH for taking in the kittens. they are sooo cute!

Love your new Tamari, too : )

Karol said...

Those kitties are way to cute! The temari is beautiful!

Elaine said...

Hi Jane,
Having just 'discovered' you via your post on needlenthread, I am awe struck by the beauty of your temari. It is stunning and must have taken you ages.

As a fellow cat lover, I have just said a huge 'ahhhh' to the kitten picture. They are so cute. Are you REALLY sure you'll only be able to keep two? :)

However, you might need to keep the temari away from them as they get older. Perfect cat toys! I have a selection of little embroidered Christmas tree decorations which come out every year but my cats (2 of them) always fish them all off the tree! However, since they are sturdy tent stitch on plastic canvas, they don't come to any harm but your temari might not fair so well and they are so beautiful, they don't deserve that fate!

Cheshunt, UK

Barb said...

The kittens are adorable. I would have a hard time just keeping two of them. Hope the rest go to good homes. The temari looks great.