Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thimble Thursday

I got a good picture of my latest thimble! I think the trick was to include something else in the picture. My camera does not like shiny, but finally, these pictures are clear. The thimble from last night is separate, the light blue and watermelon red one, and the gold and green one is in the corner of the box. You can see these both look quite nice.


Here are all the thimbles in their little house. (I really like this little chocolate box!) This picture isn't quite as clear, but you can see on the left all the thimbles made with the Japanese silk thread. They are quite a bit smoother. The pink one, of course is the one Chloe Patricia gave me. The pink and blue one is with the larger thread that didn't work up as well, and the two on the right are with the buttonhole twist.


The texture for the buttonhole twist isn't quite as smooth as the Japanese silk ones, but it is very acceptable. I think I'm ready to start playing with more patterns.

1 comment:

Lelia said...

I have to ask, are you using a continuous thread? Or strands of silk to create these thimbles?

Will any kind of silk work (silk with a twist - or without a twist)? Just curious