Friday, April 9, 2010

And the Winner is...

Chloe Patricia!

Thank you all for playing along. Chloe Patricia, I will get the temari in the mail to you within the next week.

C enjoyed picking out the name. I was going to take a picture of the process for you, but I had neglected to put my camera in my purse the last time I used it, and it ended up elsewhere.

I do have a couple of pictures today though. This is my grandma, taken in the 1950s.


Whenever she was sitting she had her "work" in her hands, except on Sunday. On Sunday she would read a book when she sat down, since work was not allowed. She loved it when people asked her to crochet things for them. The requester would purchase the supplies, and she would have the fun of working them up. My mom has two crocheted bedspreads (in two different patterns) that on a single bed go down to the floor. They would work with a dust ruffle on a double bed. They are both gorgeous. I know she made many bedspreads, plus hankies, doilies, lace edged pillow cases and sheets, and curtains. (This is the grandma that made my autumn leaves quilt. My mom sent me this picture.)

This is just something beautiful to look at. I read an article about Kantha embroidery on a blog last month, and I was so moved by the story I went to eBay to see some more pictures. I found this item for an amazing price. The shipping was 3 times more than the item itself.


I think this is so beautiful! The cloth is just covered with stitching. I'm not sure if it is cotton or silk, but I just love the shimmery color. There is some fading, but I know I will be able to find some way to use this, either in my home or wearing it. I also got a scarlet sari (5 yards of fabric) with the same type of embroidery. Beautiful!


Chloe Patricia said...

Jane, I am VERY happy to have won your 100th temari, thank you so much. I will send an e-mail about the detail shortly. Chloe Patricia

MOM said...

Also about Grandma. I would love to know how many afghans she made! One time she came to visit us with a doily (knit-cro-sheen) in progress, about 15" in diameter. I made the off=hand remark, "Oh, that pattern would work for a tablecloth." "Oh, would you like a tablecloth? Well, she didn't get a tablecloth done before she left, but I got it a couple of months later and still have it. Only problem, I no longer have a round table!
I'm anxious to see the sari. DAD: don't be sari(??)
Congratulations, Cloe Patricia