Monday, April 5, 2010

Buttonhole Twist

The buttonhole twist worked great! I think the orange was just a little bit thicker than the green, so I had to make an extra round with the green, but the edges are even, the padding is covered, and the stitching is smooth. I just wish I had a good enough picture to show you.


C keeps adding to her birthday list. (Her birthday comes in November. [Shoot, I'm going to loose grandma points for that one. Her birthday is in October.]). Every day or two she comments "I want (blank) for my birthday." It's getting to be a little bit of a joke. When DH expressed a desire for a "Nook" I told him I would get him one for his birthday (January! LOL), but now I have something I want for my birthday (February!). I want a camera that will take macro pictures! I'll get it for my birthday!


Debi said...

Hi Jane,

I'm glad the buttonhole twist worked. Now you have a collection of wonderful colors!

Have you tried taking the picture from farther away (like a normal distance for most pics) and then cropping it into the thimble? The thimble will look very small in the original pic but you can crop to it. You'll lose resolution (# of pixels) that way but you might get better focus.

DH said...

Come on, Grandma, "C's" birthday is in October, NOT November!!! And why do I have to wait 'til January to get a "Nook"??? Not good!!!

TemariAddict said...

I'm very glad to hear the thread works well for thimblemaking. You have a great colour choice now and each one will be more special becuase they will be made from multi-generational resources.

I find I can only take a good picture of my thimbles if I use a tripod or a book etc to balance the camera on. Every little shake shows when you are zooming in on small objects.