Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thimble Thursday

I actually finished this one earlier this week. This is the same pattern as the scales thimble, with just some changing of colors. There's a little bit of the 3D effect I was looking for, but the colors don't help too much with that.


Mold 50 mm; thread: #9 silk Orizuru thread; 12 sections.

I'm having trouble getting my divisions even on the ring. I'm not sure if it is a measuring problem or a stitching problem. This ring also has to be groomed, stitching adjusted, so the cross-overs are all in the middle.

These guys are so small that I'm finding it hard to see how they turn out until I look at the picture, if I can get a good picture, and by then it's too late to fix mistakes. I'll keep plugging away at them, they are as addictive as temari (and quicker to make!).


Chloe Patricia said...

Hello Jane, you are doing fine, you just need a little more practice, is all. Perhaps you might want to try the same design with 10 sections instead of 12 next time. 50mm base mould is too small for 12 sections if the design is consisted of a set of 2 sections. The previous red and white one is very beautifully done, my complements. Chloe Patricia

Debi said...

Hi Jane,

I think Chloe Patricia's advice to try fewer sections is good. The stitches are less tightly packed with fewer sections.

I do like the design you chose. I am sure your sections will get more even over time. I struggled with that too when I first started.