Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend activities

I finished this thimble on Friday. It was totally an accident that it turned out looking like this. I had planned a different pattern, but I didn't realize that stitching on every other division, if your division is 14, gives you an uneven number, and you have to go around twice for each row. I did always wonder how to stitch this pattern, now I know!


I am working on another thimble too, but the only colors I have are pink and white, dark blue and dark red. I don't think the thimble I am working on is going to turn out with a 3-d effect, the way I was hoping, mostly because the colors don't work together.

I've been wondering if buttonhole twist would work for stitching thimbles. I went into my needle-work room, and found these, inherited from my grandma M.


Most of them look as if they have never been used! I love the colors and the sheen. The wooden spools mostly say 35¢. Several have plastic spools, so you know those are a little newer. I don't know if this thread is in good shape yet, or not. It has a little tighter twist than the thread I've been using for the thimbles, and is thicker, but not as thick as my pink/blue experiment. If this thread works for thimbles, I can have a lot of fun with the colors.

I always used to put in my zippers by hand with buttonhole twist, back in the days when I sewed clothes.

On Saturday we spent a couple of hours at a model train expo. The train clubs band together to put on a display, and we went to check it out. This is the European train club. All the writing in this part of the layout was German.


C and Daddy enjoyed looking at things. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of P. He was interested, but not enthused.


The train enthusiasts like this location, because there are real trains right along the parking lot.


Some people like to work on the layout, some like to run the trains. Most of the active members were people of our age, and a lot of the spectators/visitors were dads with younger kids. At our age, time and money may be a little more accessible. DH is interested in the modeling aspect.


TemariAddict said...

What a lovely accident your thimble turned out to be!! I have just purchased a few reels of 150m Gutterman 30 Rayon Sulky thread. It looks similiar (as close as I can find) to what is came with the yubinuki kit.

So cool that you found all those lovely spools of thread from your grandma. Don't the prices spin you out? It hope it is suitable for yubinuki as you have a lovely selection of colours there.

MOM said...

For DH. Fairway Rec Center has a big model railroad layout made by the club!