Thursday, March 4, 2010

Very Boring Post

To go along with a very boring life.

The sun is out! It may get up to 40 degrees F today! (You can tell it's bad when we are getting excited about 4 degrees C.)

Nothing to see here: I put about a bajillion sequins on one piece of felt last night.

Nothing else to see, I stitched about 3 triangles on a temari ball (it needs 20).

I'm feeling an awful urge to do some cross stitch. I know, sit down quietly until the urge passes... I would like to work on my alphabet sampler (it's been calling to me) but I'm also being tempted to start the Holland springtime mandala. See a picture here. I have all the threads and the fabric. It's by the same designer as my Indian Summer Afternoon that I finished last year.

I think it is spring fever. It could also be rebellion at my "have to" finish my temari balls for JTA, even though that is something I chose myself. I have a small child living inside that does not like to Have To do anything. Such a spoiled brat!


MOM said...

What can I say? Spoiled? I think not!!! Anyone who can even think about finishing the things you have, I call dedicated. As to what to choose to do first, that is more difficult. Pop an extra vitamin D or two; get a little sunshine on your skin; zug a while. Oh, MOM!

那ㄟ安呢 said...


TemariAddict said...

Sounds like you need a little Sunshine!!! I will gladly send you some of mine along with a big warm hug from Perth.
My little inner voice was working hard to coax me away from finishing off my JTA balls too... little devil! Made me start a whole new hobby of soapmaking. At least we know we haven't got 'too old' because our inner children are still having tantrums and trying to get us to do what we 'want' instead of what we 'should'.

Anonymous said...

Love the Mandala...they have lovely chatelaine designs. One day I'd like to do one...can see why you can't wait to screams of Spring. You accomplish a LOT and everything you do is very lovely.