Monday, March 1, 2010

Nice Weekend

I had a very nice weekend, but did not get anything finished to show you. I started P's stocking:


I can't decide if it is going to take longer than the last one, or not. There are about 1/3 of the number of pieces, but those pieces have more embroidery on them. This is the top band. P was very eager for me to get started on it; and once I picked it up C bustled around to help me get set up. She got the markers out, and colored each sequin symbol on the pattern. (I had done that on her stocking because the sequin colors were much more confusing. There are only 3 choices on this pattern.) She also got out the step-stool and brought me a dish out of the cupboard to put the sequins in. She remembered the kind and size bowl I had used for hers! I didn't realize she was paying that much attention.

Here's the family: Grandpa (DH) and P


Momma (DD2) and C (with her new haircut that makes her look elfin)


DD 1 also was able to come home this weekend, even though I didn't get a picture. It was wonderful to see everyone!

I also started on my second thimble, and I decided that I have to get much better at this before I start making thimble bases for others. I think the one I made is going to work, but it's not pretty. Fortunately, Chloe Patricia is selling thimble bases (with instructions!) on her etsy site for a very reasonable price. (She said she is willing to make more kits, so if it looks sold out, just drop her a note.) For the give-away of the extra one Chloe Patricia gave me: it goes to Moonsilk Stitches.


Chloe Patricia said...

Jane - glad to hear that you had a wonderful weekend with your family. I satrted another photo sharing pool at Flickr yesterday for this month and look forward to seeing your thimbles there. Chloe Patricia

Moonsilk Stitches said...

Thank you very much--I'm so excited!

MOM said...

Cute pictures. I missed you the days you didn't blog! Got word today that Uncle H is coming for 2 weeks: 3/25 to 4/8. I don't know exactly what all we will do. He has been here before.

Lelia said...

congrats Marjorie! I look forward to seeing your thimble, too