Monday, March 15, 2010

Final JTA temari (I hope)

On Friday I finished my (hopefully) final level 2 temari. It is on a c10. Each corner of a triangle starts at the center of a pentagon. I had picked out 30 colors to use (2 colors each on 20 triangles) but I think I only used about 15. This isn't my favorite view of the temari, but the one I liked the most turned out blurry, so I will have to take another.


I wasn't sure if I liked this ball at all until I added the final element, the metallic/shiny braid between the triangles. I had envisioned gold there up until I pulled out the drawer with all the metallics (C was ooohing and ahhing over everything in that drawer!) and found this pearl. It filled the space left for it perfectly, it doesn't compete with the colors, and it adds a little shine. All good things!

Now I have to write the pattern! but I can start playing temari again, instead of working at it.


TemariAddict said...

Well done! All your temari entries look lovely. Great choice on the pearl coloured edging.

Karol said...

Very Pretty!! It looks like spring.

Lelia said...

Jane: So Beautiful!!! Job well done : )

Laura B said...

Beautiful. It really does look like spring!