Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lunar New Year G.I.T.S.: Year of the Tiger

Since it is Valentine's week, there should at least be a mention of hearts, right? My friend from Moonsilk Stitches was featured today in a guest-blogger appearance in Subversive Stitchers. Both the valentines featured are beautiful, and I can't wait to see what she makes this year.

Last night, when I got home, I received a package from the UK. (My package inspector C was not home, so she missed it! She always announces with great interest when a package arrives, and is on pins and needles until she sees what it is.) This temari is from Karen and is for the Lunar New Year G.I.T.S. (Great International Temari Swap). Sunday (Valentine's day!) is the Chinese New Year, and the animal this year is the tiger. I think these colors are perfect for representing a tiger, and the stitching is beautiful!


My temari for her is finished, and packed, but not mailed yet. As soon as I hear from her that she has received it I will share, because I think it turned out very interesting.

I think February 10th is a wonderful day for birthdays! Happy birthday, mom! Stay warm. Happy birthday Margie, I hope you have a wonderful day. Happy birthday Lois! Miss you! Happy birthday, Janet! I hope you don't have to work too hard today.

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