Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year G.I.T.S.

I participated in the New Year G.I.T.S. (Great International Temari Swap) and was partnered with Ginny. I opened this at about 1 minute past midnight this morning. This is beautiful! It is a c10 marked with a sparkly black thread. Two poles have large blue stars, the rest of the pentagons have smaller blue stars. All the other centers have stars on them as well. I really like it.


This is a copy of the one I sent her. I liked the pattern so much that I sent her, that I wanted a copy of it for myself. It also fits with the other temari I've been making this week. It's a c10 with additional marking lines in darker blue. Then, after the regular stitching the additional lines and the pentagon centers, where all the threads cross, get held down with a silver blending filament.


C tried on the outfit that matches her new doll today. She looks adorable, but didn't want to pose. (Don't ask me why she's holding a tangerine [or why she was kissing it]. I don't have a clue.)


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MOM said...

The temaris are beautiful - again. Tell C that Oma likes her outfit and sends an extra hug