Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Work!

Well, it's back to work! I think I could easily get used to not getting up at the crack of dawn to go to work; and I loved living without an alarm clock for almost a week. I would have to develop a routine though, it is way too easy to turn your days into nights, just like newborn babies. I stitched, read/listened to audio books, and played computer games.

Here's the last (for now) snowflake temari. I realized that I worked these in the opposite of logical order, going from complex to more simple. This one actually didn't work until I used the silver to tack down the centers, then all of a sudden it was done.


Here's the whole set together. I'm very pleased with them. I thought I was done with this pattern variation until I went to bed and read Cosmo 7. In that book there are 2 pages with additional variations of this pattern! I think, though, that I will save those until next winter. (No two alike, just like real snow-flakes.)


I met the baby bunnies yesterday. I had mentioned before that White-tail and Peter turned out to be White-tail and Peta: These are 2 of their offspring (and one of mine, this is DD2 with me). The parents are now living at a pet store, to provide babies to the western suburbs (and they can probably accomplish that by themselves, if left to their own devices). The babies are much more cuddly than the parents, since they've been picked up and cuddled every day ever since they were big enough. You can see how they are snuggled in, very fun to hold, and very cute!


They will eventually live in different homes.

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