Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Second Day of Christmas

After further checking, I discovered that I only finished 2 squares for the Advent Calendar this past year:


This is the story of Ruth becoming a believer and follower of God. It's one of my favorites from the Old Testament.

The fact that there are only two completed squares from this past year brings me to my resolve for the new year:

Drum-roll Please!

I will finish more than 2 squares in 2010! I realize that I used some of my cross-stitch time to work on the Quaker turtles (which aren't finished yet). So I will have to concentrate more on these, and maybe stitch on them at home once in a while.

Last Saturday I finished this temari, after a suggestion from Moonsilk Stitches to treat it like a Assisi design, concentrating on the background for the design, more than the stitching. It is not a complete success, but this is a very traditional way of looking at a temari design.


I'm on vacation, which is why my posting has been a little erratic. I'm having fun with my audio books and I've been stitching. I also got a computer game for a Christmas present, and couldn't pull myself away from it all day yesterday. I have a couple more temari to talk about, and a fun outing today.

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Lelia said...

Love your advent calendar squares and temari : )

which audio books???? I just finished the Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Oh my, what a story!