Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Birth of a WIP pile

So I got home from work yesterday, and my order from Herrschners had arrived. I received a paper catalog from them earlier in the week, and I needed something, so I picked up the phone at about 9 PM, and someone answered! Of course, there were after Christmas sales, and this kit was about 40% off, maybe even 50 or 60% off; bringing it from the "this would be fun to make, if it weren't so expensive" range into the "boy, can I afford not to get this" range. (I've been looking at this kit for a couple of seasons. It comes in a tree skirt too.)


Of course, as soon as I started opening the package C came over to check it out. She loves it when grandpa or grandma gets a package. When I pulled this out she was very curious.

G: Do you like this? Who do you think I should make it for?

C: What is it grandma? You could make it for one of your friends.

G: It is a stocking for Christmas, but I don't think any of my friends like pink fairies. Look at all the candies.

C: You could make it for grandpa. I've had "that" kind of candy (the candy canes).

G: I don't think grandpa likes pink fairies either. Do you know anyone who likes pink fairies?

C: I like pink fairies! (Her current career plan is to become a water fairy. When asked what they do, the answer is "they do everything about water.")

She was pleased to find out I was making it for her. We've also made plans to try all the other kinds of candy on the stocking that she hasn't had before. Plus, I've promised to help with the cupcakes.

She helped pour out the sequins and beads, and was an interested observer when I started cutting out the felt. She got a scissors of her own last fall, and has spent days playing with them. However, just before it was bed-time she came over and asked: "Are you done yet?"


Not quite! This is how far I got last night.

I do like that all the felt pieces are numbered consecutively. There are duplicate numbers. If there are two candy cane stripes the same shape, or flowers the same shape, they have the same number, but it is a useful tool for keeping track of how far you are. Out of 105 numbered shapes, I've completed 1-8 and 12-16, leaving 90 to go. (I wonder if that is really over 10% done already!?)

I do enjoy working with felt; tomorrow I'll show a picture of the advent calendar I made more than 25 years ago, still being used and enjoyed. But working on this will push back everything else on the list.

Current WIP (Work-In-Progress) list:
Complete 2 more temari for JTA
Finish the "sampler" temari to use for Kiku classes
Alphabet sampler
Church Etui
Advent Calendar pages
Jen's (queen sized) quilt
doll clothes
Noah Sampler

(The longer I think about this, the more projects I'm going to remember, so I'm going to stop now. Talk to you tomorrow!)

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