Thursday, November 12, 2009

A type of embroidery I no longer do

I was cleaning out my closet last week, hoping to reclaim some of the space in there so my sewing room could revert to a bedroom. I found a couple of sweat-shirts and pants with embroidery on them. I no longer wear these. The fabric shrank, there are stains on them, and I don't wear sweats any more (office clothes!).

But of course, I can't throw away embroidery! So they were stuck in the closet for years. I was looking at these taking up valuable space, and I decided to keep the embroidery and throw away the rest. (There's more than this that I still have to harvest.)


I can think of so many ways these might be used! On a tote bag, in a crazy patch, mounted on a button, appliqued on a jacket, etc. etc.

Now to clean out more of the closet! I hope I can come up with more creative solutions.


BarbSuess said...

How about stitch them onto something for C?
Too nice to toss!

Anonymous said...

They are lovely and yes, too nice to throw away. How about a quilt made with small patches of your embroidery. It would be something nice to snuggle under and lovely to behold.