Monday, November 9, 2009

Star Temari

You may recognize this temari, I have stitched it twice before. This time though, I am going to write up the pattern and share it so people can stitch it themselves, if they want to.

Even though it looks so complex, it is quite easy. Stitch 12 pentagons (at such and such specific spot) and fill in the resulting stars with shiny thread. Got it?

Hmmm, I think I will have to be a little more specific.



We had a lovely Saturday. We got a relaxed start and stopped at Togouri's Emporium in Chicago for temari books. I told DH we won't have to go back, because I have purchased all they carry. There are a couple more that I want that they don't carry, so I guess I will be going to eBay.

After Togouri's we went to visit the store our daughter is working at. It is very nice and she looked lovely and in control, so that was very satisfying. On our way from the parking to the store we obtained a compass that DH has been wanting since our train trip, and we stopped at a book store. We can always spend plenty of time and money at a book store; if our house ever collapses it will be from the weight of all the books.

We didn't pay for parking all day! For Chicago, I think that is a first, and we were quite pleased with ourselves. This was the view from the parking garage:

The weather was beautiful! It was so beautiful we had to call my parents in Arizona and brag just a little bit. They had an 80 degree day, so there was less than 10 degrees difference in the temperature. We finished our outing with a nice dinner out, and then had a relaxing evening at home.

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MOM said...

I keep thinking the last temari is the most gorgeous and then you come up with another!

I still don't have a pic of C to put in a frame. Could you send me the one of her in pink?