Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to basics

I made this temari a minute on Monday. It is on a small ball, and is the prototype or example of the class I will be teaching at Country Cupboard on October 3. It is a s4 with obi, with simple wrapped bands, stitched with DMC pearl #5; not by accident it is the same pattern as the very first temari I ever stitched. It is quite a bit more beautiful, though.


I will provide a mari, paper strips, darning needle, and pins; students will be encouraged to choose their #5 pearl and a metallic from the shop. I will teach how to mark a mari, and how to stitch the bands, and will demonstrate how to make a mari but will not take class time for each person to do that. Hopefully that will be enough of a start for people to decide if they will enjoy making temari and continue on from there. Of course, as usual I will highly recommend Barb Suess' book for anyone who wants to continue learning.

I was hoping to be done with headaches by now; the doctors have said the can probably help, and I am getting more and more impatient for them to do that. The new target date for treatment is September 10. They do not promise that the first treatment will fix everything; but just knowing that something can help is making me wonder why they haven't done it yet.

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MOM said...

I like your explanation about the triangles, etc. Otherwise I just look at the overall effect. Hang on to your patience about the procedure! I have to feel they are not being very compassionate in putting you off aagain.