Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daylily Temari, finally

On Saturday I made this pretty temari. Once I finally got the right colors it came together nicely. I saw a similar one in one of my Japanese books, the division is a c6; there are 4 flowers stitched on 4 triangles. If you would draw them out, it would be on a 3-sided pyramid. The leaves/wraps are on the main lines of a s4 w/ obi, just a simple division.


I like how the outer sepals fit inside the green triangles and the inner petals fill out the whole triangle.

I used a pearl #8 that I got on sale, a complete set of 40 colors for 1/2 price. They come on spools and seem to be a very good value. They will make many very delicate temari. Even though it is not DMC they seem to use the DMC numbering system.

Ric and Marge, since this temari is in honor of your beautiful garden, let me know if you want it. I feel bad that I gave you a temari to use for fund-raising but did not give you one for yourselves; or even if you want it for fund-raising you could have it too.