Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life goes on

I can't share any pictures with you today, but life does go on. I finished a temari ball over the weekend, and I will share it after the recipient receives it. It is for the Tanabata Festival G.I.T.S., but the suggested theme was stars. I really like how the temari turned out, and can't wait to show you, but I've been so busy I haven't been able to get to the post office. Monday was volunteering at church, arranging the words for the music on Sunday; last night was an emergency visit to take care of DD2 after a procedure; and tonight is a dinner hosted by the "patriarch" of the organization I work for. Tomorrow will be groceries and errands, I hope.

I had to miss guild and my yoga class last night to run to DD2's house, but there were many side benefits: hugs from P & C, cuddles with DD2 and the kids, and getting to help and being very impressed by P's homework. I fed the kids (and myself) and watched the kids so DSIL could go to Curriculum night at school. I wished we lived closer, so this could be a weekly event, but I would get even less stitching done, so I suppose it is for the best.


Anonymous said...

it might not be as much fun if you did it *every* week ;)

Lelia said...

Oh, IDK, hugging kidz sounds like a great time! (of course, none of my own children are married yet)

Looking forward to your next reveal. Those temari you create are awesome!!!

I'm deslighted to report that our cats have left it alone (the one you sent to me). I have it on my desk, and they tend to shy away from that area

On to pull fabrics for the friendship quilt - two colors for a 6" block