Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Friends of my parents gave them two nights in a time-share in Flagstaff. It was a lovely place, like a condo, 2 bedrooms with king-size beds and private bathrooms, a loft with twin beds and more floor space to crash, and the sofa in the living room that would also convert to a bed. There was a full kitchen (not that we cooked!); washer and dryer; and a hot tub on the balcony. This was the view from the living room windows. This is Mt. Humphrey.


Flagstaff had enjoyed 20 inches of snowfall the previous week, but you couldn't tell, and everything seemed very quiet. I think the condo is used quite a bit as a ski lodge, it had that kind of feel to it.


We had neglected to bring bathing suits with us, so we had to use the tub in shifts, but we did use it. It helped my sore neck quite a bit.

My dad was quite excited to show me this "mountain." It seems that when we passed through Flagstaff in 1961 my dad and I climbed to the top. The campground at that time was at the base. I can't remember that specific event, even though I have many good memories of that trip.


We stayed in Flagstaff for two nights, and drove to and from Grand Canyon.

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