Thursday, May 7, 2009

Family Time

On Friday morning my parents showed us around their hangouts in Phoenix. DH and I decided that You would really have to work at being bored in Sun City. There are clubs for every interest, wood-working, jewelry, glass making, metalwork, computers, knitting, sewing, music, dancing, golf, tennis, miniature golf, and on and on.

Mom has a some of my work in her house here. My sister started this sampler, and I finished it; it is an echo of my antique sampler. I did the lower half, with all the figures in it.


This is a Drawn Thread sampler called "Real Roses." It came in a kit with all the silk floss, and was really quite reasonable. It was a joy to stitch.


On Saturday we did take an hour or two to go to the Heard Museum West shop; they had a lot of fun stuff, and a lot of it was quite reasonable. I had seen displays like this in several other places, but this one I could afford. I really like the baby half hiding under her skirts. I'm showing the other side too, so you can see the pattern of the rug she is working on.


In the late afternoon on Saturday we went for snacks and chat to see my mom's two sisters who were in town. For a while, all 5 of the sisters were spending the winters in Phoenix, and they really enjoyed being able to see each other; one sister had already returned to the north, and the other had not been able to travel this winter because of health problems.

This is my mom's youngest sister and her husband, Flossie and Jan.


This is my mom's oldest sister, and her husband, Marsha and George. They married recently, and this was the first time I had met him.


There was even some time on this Saturday to stitch. I'm sorry this picture is over-exposed, it is not my usual picture set up. This temari is for a class I am taking, 32 centers, and 3 layers of stitching. It is called "Grandmother's Star." I got the final set of instructions for it today, so I will be stitching tonight.


I did very little stitching on this trip. I had library books along, and read all of those. I had my iPod along, and was intending to finish listening to "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" but the last several chapters had not loaded; I read those as soon as I got home. I did finish the the advent calendar page 14, Ruth and Boaz, and started on David and Goliath, but I will save those pictures for Christmas.

It was nice to have a restful day, and the next day, Sunday, was even more restful (i.e. nothing to write about).

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Cathy B said...

I've been reading your posts about your trip and looking at the pictures - looks like you are having a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing!