Friday, January 23, 2009

Huipul from Central America

I was reading Allie's blog earlier this week. She's on vacation in Mexico, and met a friend who is collecting Oaxacan embroidery, with beautiful pictures. It sure would be wonderful to be in a warm, sunny place right now! but Allie's pictures reminded me of the Huipul from Central America my mom gave me from her collection this summer.


It is a tunic, with embroidery around the yoke (this section) and around the bottom of the hem. Isn't the embroidery beautiful? It is done by machine. I just wish I was the right size to be able to wear it!


MOM said...

I guess I forgot some of the things I knew about the huipil. I have seen many Mayan women wear them with a lacy slip coming out from underneath. I think it would look nice over a black skirt or pants. I'm not sure but it fits you on top, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...