Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Garden Temari

I finished this last night, in fact, I stayed up past my bed-time to put in the last stitches. This is a pattern found in "Temari for 4 seasons" on page 14. The mari and the marking are in the same color, the mari with cone thread, and the marking with DMC perle #5. I really like the effect of "hiding" the markings, and I am going to be doing this more often. The green stitching is with Caron Wildflowers, which is an overdyed thread about the weight of a perle #8, and the white is regular DMC perle #8.

The division is c10. There are 12 stars made up of 5 triangles each, but the triangles also form larger hexagons, and the way they are linked together makes them look a little like chains. It is very interesting to study the ball and see how everything fits together.


I don't like the color combination as much as I thought I would. I think a light green in the same family would have given the definition I was looking for without as much contrast. The white takes away from the idea of leaves, which is sort of what I was going for.

We are "enjoying" another snowy day here, south of Lake Michigan. When I opened the outside door this morning, it had to sweep snow out of the way to open; this is above a 3 inch step. The roads were treacherous, but the woods were beautiful; I guess you pay for your pleasures.

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Paula Hewitt said...

this is wonderful - the pale green may have been better in terms of coluring for leaves, but the white makes the intricate 'weaving' of the stars and triangles stand out - fascinating to study.