Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advent, day 10

Here's another one with angels in the clouds; pouring out manna from his basket. Again, the face doesn't show too much expression, but I still like him.

People have been asking about this pattern. It is still available here. You can get it as a downloaded chart too, no waiting to start. The chart is hand-drawn, and I had been avoiding starting Mary Beale charts because of that, but once you get going it's no problem. After I'm done I may have to start on the stockings.

day 9

Here's the Temari ball I finished last night. Please excuse the soft focus, I was trying to get more of a close-up. I am pleased with this one. It is a c8 with cone thread for the mari (base) and DMC perle #8 for the triangles and DMC spool metallic for the marking. (I was encouraged to notice that in the picture showing the pattern I was following the squares were not necessarily square either. The squares you can see in this view look pretty good, but they don't all look that good.)


I have always enjoyed geometry, and in grade school I would play with my compass and make flowers and designs. That interest, my enjoyment of puzzles, and my passion for threads and colors seem to all have come together in Temari stitching. I have at least half a dozen designs in my head that I want to work on, and I keep finding more. Who knew!


mainely stitching said...

Love it!! The colors she chooses are so perfect.

I'm glad to hear that once you got going, the fact that her charts are hand-drawn didn't bother you. I have not started any of her designs because of that. Maybe now I will work up my courage. :D

Paula Hewitt said...

Your advent cross-stitches are lovely - do you have them framed (for some reason I didnt see day one or two - where you probably explained it) and the temari ball is great - i love the graduations in the blue and the gold thread

Anonymous said...

Since you gave the link to the full Advent calendar, I took a look. Oh my goodness! That's HUGE!! This will look amazing when it's all completed!!

I really like your latest Temari, too. Something about the angles against the rounded surface. Very eye-catching, and your workmanship is incredible!

Vonna said...

Oh my goodness so I take it that you are trying to stitch a block per day of advent? Sure seems that way to me...LOVELY!!! And this Temari ball (did I spell that right?) Is GORGEOUS!