Friday, December 12, 2008

Advent, Day 12

Here's the battle of Jericho. The city was fun to stitch with all the different colors. I do apologize for the stray thread on the lettering.

day 11

I've been tagged by Karol of Rosebud Stitching (Hi, Karol!). Here are the rules:
1. Link your blog to the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell six quirky yet not boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
4. Tag five other bloggers by linking your blog to them, and lastly
5. Go to each person's blog and leave a comment for them telling them they have been tagged.

1. I used to be fluent in Spanish, but I'm not any more.
2. My brothers, sisters and I were all born in different cities, and only one duplicate state: Michigan, Minnesota, Texas and Oklahoma.
3. I am not a neat person. helps somewhat.
4. I don't like olives or pickles, but I do like broccoli, asparagus, and artichokes.
5. I would rather not stitch on canvas, and I dislike aida fabric.
6. I have to be very careful not to get car-sick. I don't do a lot of stitching in the car.

If you are listed on the side here of blogs I read, consider yourself tagged.


Paula Hewitt said...

I cant stitch in the car much to my disgust - i had great plans to stitch on out last big car trip to no avail.
people who dont like olives are just weird. ;)

Anonymous said...

I can stitch in the car, but only if I'm working on a large count with a somewhat predictable pattern or coverage area.

It's great to see each new entry in your Advent series. I know it will have to end eventually, but it's a nice treat for the moment.

mainely stitching said...

I guess I can consider myself lucky that you don't read my blog. LOL.

Just popping by again to say that I really love this panel - the colors are fabulous.

Lelia said...

Really? No olives or pickles??? Wow. That is incredible.

Pickles are so different. Olives are so full of salt and fat, what is not to love??? LOL