Friday, December 5, 2008

Advent, Day 5

This is the third day for the Advent calendar, even though it is the 5th day of Advent. This is Abram and Sarai (before they became Abraham and Sarah). The faces are so small there's not too much room for any kind of expression.

day 3

I bought some fancy new pins with colored heads to use when I make Temari balls, and I decided I wanted a new pin cushion to hold them. I wanted a big one, so I used a CD as the base, and some felted wool fabric. It is filled with wool roving, and has a feather stitch vine with detached chain stitch and french knots as the flowers. I really like the colors, even though it is not put together perfectly evenly. I could probably use more practice.


You can see that the pins are very fancy.


Anonymous said...

It looks absolutely lovely...and the colored pins make it look even better!!!

Lelia said...

Luv your pinkeep. Mine are just so old and terrible. I keep telling myself to get on the ball and make some new ones!!!

Keep up the Advent posts... this would be gigantic on one piece of linen