Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Advent, Day 3

These are my latest Temari, and I think they look Christmasy, like poinsettias. The red/white one was a gift for my last year's secret stitcher, and the pink one (I think) is going to my mom. She informs me she has an empty bowl on her coffee table, just waiting for something to fill it.

The white one is a s8 division with a Kiku pattern, wrapped obi, and french knots in the center. All the thread is DMC, perle #5 and spool metallic. The pink one is a c8 division, with a tri-wing motif in a pale green silk, with kiku flowers in each of the 6 frames. They are stitched in 3 different shades of pink, and outlined in pale green. The different pinks don't show up.


I have to get pictures of the rest of my Advent pages that are done. I am officially 1/2 way.


Milly~ said...

Beautiful Temari Balls.

JLC Studio said...

I like the poinsettia one the best!