Friday, December 19, 2008

Advent, Day 19

Multitudes of Angels!


These two are from the advent calendar I made for my daughters when they were little.


This is my Christmas stocking. My dad stitched it for me several years ago.

Here's my latest Temari, it's a simple one, but it still took me 3 nights to finish it. I copied the pattern out of my Japanese Temari book, but I changed the colors. It is a 5 point star s5 division. The detail of stitching down the outside intersections really adds a lot, I think. It is a Styrofoam base mari, wrapped with cone thread. The stitching is with DMC #5 perle, and the marking with DMC spool metallic.


This ball is a little too large for this pattern; too much of it has been left unstitched. That is another balance thing I will have to continue to work on.

This side was an experiment, and I like how it turned out. The white center is a "tri-wing" pattern, except it is stitched with 5 points instead of 3. Then I did the green star, tucking the stitches under the white to emphasize them. It still looked a little unfinished, so I just stitched around the outside in white.


This is what we are dealing with in our area this morning. Ice is coating everything. It looks beautiful on the trees and bushes, even though it is very hard on them and a lot of branches break. However, ice on the roads is no fun. I saw one accident, and another different car in the ditch on my way in to work (late) this morning. Ice on the wires isn't fun either. Our lights were flickering this morning; hopefully the ice will melt before it does any damage.


The excitement here today is that the ice is sliding off the metal roof in sheets, we can see it through the clerestory windows. It sounds like a roller derby or a bowling alley!

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Paula Hewitt said...

sweet angels - I have been meaning every year to make an Advent calendar for the children - and always run out of time. I must do it next year - or I will have to wait until i have grandkids!