Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thimble Tursday and more knots

I don't have any more thimbles from China, but these are two from that part of the world. The white one is from Singapore, and the green one is from Malaysia. They are porcelain and cloisonne, respectively.


When I was looking around my office this morning, wondering what to talk about, my eyes lit on my tissue holder: it has knots on it too! They are Pan Chang good luck knots also, and the fabric has the characters for the same sentiment as well. This holder is just a tube of fabric with a slit in it, and the tube is closed on the ends with Velcro so you can slip the tissue box inside. I really like it, but I'm so familiar with it that I don't always see it.


Another thing in my office that I don't always see is this knot. I was pretty sure there were different knots on decorative items around here, but when I went looking I could only find the Pan Chang knot, even though this one is just above eye level in my cubicle. I will have to look up what kind of knot it is. (The book I have is very comprehensive, and I'm pretty sure I will be able to tell.)


I have a couple of embroidered items from China; I think I will talk about them next.

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