Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pan Chang good luck knot

When I looked up the name of this knot, I discovered it is the "good luck" knot, which explains why it is on everything around the office. This one is from a Chinese New Year decoration, featuring fish.


This one features a giant peach; I think it is for spring or summer, but I don't remember.


This one is several years old, but was prepared for the Beijing Olympics. I can't tell how the rings are connected. It is beginning to fade, but it is an indication of how proud the Chinese people were to have the opportunity to host the Olympics.


I have one more example of a Chinese/Taiwanese craft that involves knotting. I will try to post that next.

I got my Temari book last night, and it is as good as I was hoping. I'm very relieved also, the author, Barbara B. Suess says that if your stitching is not as even as you would like, you should just add more embellishment, and no one will notice. My kind of teacher!

I did discover my mistake on the yellow/green Temari, and I think I will take out the mistake if I can, and all the stitching if I have to, and start over. I like the pattern so much that I really want it to turn out.

DH informs me that I should use his camera to take close-up pictures. Of course, they would be much better quality, but that would involve a lot more planning to download, which would of course mean that my posts would be more infrequent. I think I will just have to try to do a better job with my camera, for now.

OT, I tried to vote this morning, and the voting machines in my precinct were not set up right. I clicked through the ballot, expecting the rest of the choices to appear, and they did not. I was only able to vote for the Federal choices, nothing on the state or county level. I was not allowed to go back and correct it either, I've been disenfranchised, and I'm furious about it. Of course, when I'm mad I cry, which is not at all helpful. I'm spreading the word as far and wide as I can so this information will not be hidden. I was the 30th person to vote at my precinct. and I think everyone who voted before me had the same truncated ballot.


Marjorie said...

Oh, I would be livid--I'd definitely report it as voting fraud. I'm glad I opted for the paper ballot this morning! I had to wait over an hour outside of the library (I got there at 7:15!) and froze--I've never had to wait outside before. When I got in there was an immediate opening if I'd use the paper ballot so I did.

Love the knots, by the way. Bring your temari tonight! Marjorie

arghc said...

All Chinese knots symbolize good luck, especially the red ones, but none are more so than the others. Even the one that Lydia Chen (writer of the Chinese Knotting book) gave the English name "the good luck knot" isn't more lucky. 8-)