Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Temari balls I like!

I finally finished some temari balls I really like. This one is in my jewel-tone colors. The base is cone thread, the design is in DMC perle cotton, two plain and 1 variegated, in a chrysanthemum or "kiku" pattern. It is a simple 8 division. On this side the stitches over-lap each other.


On this side the two sets of herringbone stitches intertwine through each other. I love how even though the stitches are exactly the same on the two sides, the way you arrange the colors makes them look completely different. I like the color, the two sides balance well, and the stitching is improving. You will note that I very carefully did not take a picture head on so you cannot see the unevenness.


I like this one a lot too. This side has too much contrast, but the design is nice. The base is a sewing thread that is a lot springier than the cone thread I've been using, but I like the shininess. Again, the design is stitched in DMC perle. The two sides are the same pattern, a 5 point star (simple 10 division) but this one is stitched from the center out, overlapping all the stitches.


This one is stitched from the center out, but the stitches are intertwined. This side has 3 shades of purple, and the color works a lot better. The equator is just herringbone stitch.


I'm beginning to discover that these balls are as much about color and balance as they are about stitching skill. I have one more base to stitch, and then it's back to winding thread. Winding the bases has a quality of meditation about it. You have to watch that the ball is turning out round, and your hands are busy, but you can think about other things while you are doing it. There are still a dozen patterns I want to try out.


Anonymous said...

These look great Jane - Im very impressed.

i couldnt see the photos of the shoes - but i bet they were fake too - thats ridiculously small - even for bound feet - surely. i have huge feet - a least it makes me stable.

Lucky Girl said...

They're lovely! I especially like the color combo you've used on the first one.

ange said...

wow these are amazing! also, you won my pif! congrats!!! check out my blog entry to see what to do next.

Marjorie said...

I love seeing your growth and progress as you work on your termari balls and refine the designs. I love these last ones, too. Marjorie

Denise Felton said...

I am really loving your temari experiments! I've scheduled a link to your blog to go live on my blog tomorrow morning (Central USA time). I hope it brings you a few extra clicks.