Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Shoes" from China

This is a purchase I made on eBay some time ago. These are a pair of shoes, for a grown woman. They are less than 4 inches long! I've struggled with the size of my feet since I've been a teenager, and most department stores don't carry my size. (They're big!) In a culture that valued little feet, I would not have fit the profile of a desirable woman.


This is the footprint you would leave, if you could manage to walk in them. I can't tell if they've been worn or not.


I was in a hurry this morning, so I didn't look at them very carefully. I'll talk more about the stitching on them tomorrow.

This is our puppy! He went to see the doctor this past weekend to get shots (and petted) and he was a good boy, but he is over 40 pounds! We've only had him a couple of months and he's over twice as big as when we got him. He is a very smart puppy, and has been quite easy to train.


He is not happy with me, because I am making him wait for his supper.

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