Monday, October 20, 2008

Beautiful scarf

After bringing back the last scarf, my former boss traveled through Jordan, and picked this up for me. I love it! It is rayon thread (a pearl 5 weight) cross stitch on (I want to say) a camel hair base. The embroidery is bright and shiny, but the base fabric is gauzy and rough. When you look at the back, it is very clearly hand-made.


This is the label on it; this lady is very proud of her work (as she should be)!


I haven't worn it very often. The pastel colors aren't quite me, and I worry about the embroidery coming undone. The ends are woven through on the back, but only through one or two stitches. Having worked with rayon, I know that if the ends do come loose, it will be difficult to stop the embroidery from unraveling.

I thought I was done with scarves, but I have 3 more to go. Then I think we will move on to Chinese knotting, and I will try for a thimble post on the right day.

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