Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I love the Internet!

When I posted about the ñandutí last summer, Marie very kindly contacted me, and offered to buy a couple of examples and send them to me when she was in the US this fall. After arranging all the details, I sort of forgot about it, so you can imagine my surprise and excitement this week when I received a package with these two. Thank you Marie!

This first one was worked right on this fabric. (If you are interested, I could take a picture of the back.) I love the vibrant colors on black. The center motif is a octagonal grid with double threads, with woven flowers over 3 threads, and circles made with coral knots (or something similar). There are three patterns in the next ring, mostly needle weaving, but there are coral knots on each one also, outlining the center and in one pattern, defining the petals. The base thread in the outer ring is all the same, variegated from peach to orange, and each "palm leaf" is woven in a different color. The variegated color gives such a sense of liveliness! Also, if you didn't know, it comes from Paraguay. It came mounted on a wooden frame.


This piece didn't photograph as well, but it is also beautiful. The color is all in the background thread and the weaving is all in white thread. The butterflies in the alternating motifs are really what attracted me to this piece in the first place.


Thank you so much Marie! I'm also so happy to know that this needle art is not dying out, but is continuing to evolve in new and exciting ways.


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful

Domino Marie said...

Hi Jane. I'm so glad you received the Nanduti (Spiderweb) intact. Do you realize that the black background fabric is only temporary support. Women dip the whole piece in heavy starch, then cut out the background fabric, All is left is the Nanduti, just as appears on your 2nd picture! Enjoy - Marie

Anonymous said...

I've never seen anything like this. How wonderful. And how fortunate you are Jane. Thank you for sharing this.